Send Party Guests Packing with Innovative Party Souvenirs

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No matter what type of special event you are hosting, party souvenirs are a surefire way to keep the memories alive. Send your party guests packing with a little taste of the day. From mints and candies in unique containers to useful themed items such as heart-shaped tea infusers, you're sure to impress.

Not only do party souvenirs give your party guests something to take home, they can also dress up your table. When planning your party decorations, don't overlook the added charm that your souvenirs bring to the table. For example, most party favors are small but beautiful! What better way to distribute your innovative party souvenirs than by incorporating them in the table setting?

Choosing party souvenirs can be overwhelming at first as the options are vast. Start by coming up with a theme and then narrowing your preferences down. While the type of event may dictate the theme, feel free to branch out a bit. For example, baby shower party favors aren't limited to baby bottles stuffed with pink and blue jelly beans. Let's say you decide on a baby animal theme. After all, what's cuter than baby animals? The natural choice for baby shower party souvenirs would center on those that feature baby animals such as baby chick salt and pepper shakers or teddy bear candles

Edible or Practical?

Once you have a theme, your next decision is whether to provide edible party favors or practical ones. Both have their advantages. Edible party favors such as candies, chocolate, cookies, mints, petit fours Jordan almonds, tea, and coffee are always appreciated by party guests. These items can be customized and placed in beautiful, personalized containers.

When choosing edible souvenirs, go for quality! Filling a party favor box with ordinary candy is ordinary. You want extraordinary party favors, right? Start with a beautiful party favor container and load it with special candies or unusual, quality ingredients—your guests will enjoy a special treat.

Practical party favors are also extremely popular. The neat thing about practical party favors is that they last. While edible treats are delicious, they're gone in an instant. Practical party favors go home with your party guests and become real souvenirs that will trigger memories of your special occasion for months, or even years, to come.

Ideas include picture frames, candles, soaps, lotions, flower seeds, wine stoppers, bookmarks, CDs, key chains, travel clocks, luggage tags, cookie cutters, special spoons, sachets, tea light holders, salt and pepper shakers, photo wallets, crystal keepsakes, coasters, bottle openers, flower vases, tea infusers, and measuring spoons.

Whimsical or Sophisticated?

Now that you have a theme and a preference for either edible or practical party souvenirs, your next decision is whether to go with whimsical party favors or sophisticated party favors. While your party theme may dictate the style, you may find that this decision isn't as easy as you thought. For example, if your bridal shower has a "shoe" theme, you'll find plenty of whimsical shoe-shaped party favors. However, you'll also find a variety of sophisticated options such as crystal slippers. Try to carry forward the overall feel of the event. If the shower is elegant and formal, you'll want an elegant party favor. If the shower is less formal, whimsical party favors may be the better choice.

Choosing fresh and innovative party souvenirs enhances any event and shows your party guests that you appreciated their company.

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