What are some low-cost family activities to do on the weekends?

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After a long week at work, you and your family deserve to have some family fun! You may be wondering what you can do when you are on a tight budget. Believe it or not, there are many, low-cost family activities to keep you and the kids entertained for hours. Many of these activities can even be free by using things you may already have in your home.

Get Outside

The park is the most obvious choice when you are thinking about getting the family outside. To make it a bit more interesting, pick a few outdoor games that you and your children would like. Some games that come to mind are kick the can, capture the flag and tag. You can come up with more game ideas by thinking back to your physical education classes in elementary school. If your child loves a certain sport, join in on the fun. Little ones love to do chalk and bubbles outside. When the family is outside, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Cook Together

Spending time in the kitchen together is a low-cost, bonding activity for families. There are many fun foods that kids would love to help make such as creating pizzas, decorating cupcakes, and flipping pancakes. Not only does cooking allow you to spend time with your kids, but they can also learn a lot about measuring and other important math skills. In addition, children feel successful when they see their completed food masterpiece.

Look at the Stars

It’s the weekend. For some kids, that means staying up a bit later. For parents, that means the children may sleep in a bit! Take advantage of the later nights and look at the stars. Using a telescope is fun for kids. Just star gazing on the lawn is as fun as well. Have you tried sleeping under the stars? Most kids love camping in the back yard. Cook s’mores and make a night out of it.

Play Games

Game night can be a blast. It does not have to be limited to board games. Try dance parties, indoor hide-and-seek or game consoles. Just use your imagination. Add some music and yummy snack foods to complete the mood. It is also fun to allow each member of your family to pick one game that they want to play. The variety makes the evening even more interesting.


Volunteering is a great experience that families can do together. Children gain a sense of what it means to help someone, and you and your family members get to bond with each other. The best way to volunteer with kids is to figure out what they are interested in. Do they like animals? Maybe they could volunteer at an animal shelter or collect food to donate.

Get Creative

Completing arts and crafts together can be another low cost family option. You do not have to be super crafty to come up with an art project. There are many craft projects you can create simply by using objects you already have in your home. During the fall, you can use nature to inspire your art. Another way to find cool art projects is to search Pinterest or blogs written by mothers.

Enjoy some of these low-cost family activities this weekend!

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